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At present we have no full time priest, we are in 'Vacancy'. However we are fortunate to have two semi retired priests locally, who do an amazing job in enabling us to hold

services. As they are officially retired please contact the Churchwarden listed below with any enquiries rather than the priests direct. Thank you.


Revd Pat Freeth - Revd Richard Bryant



Mrs Marion Charlwood 01453 752972

William Douglas 01453 750558


PCC Secretary

Mr Nigel Baldwin  01453 821350


PCC Treasurer

William Douglas 01453 750558


Deanery Synod representative

Mr David Groom  01453 755460



Mrs Jenny Baldwin  01453 821350




Electoral Roll Officer

Mr Stephen Mandeville  01453 751159


Social Group

Mrs Marion Charlwood  01453 752972 -   contact to arrange guided tours of the church and refreshments also

Mrs Jenny Baldwin 01453 821350


Flower Guild  Mrs Jenny Ferrett


Selsley Group Scout Leader

Mr Roger Mills  01453 822491


Friends of Selsley

Mrs Joyce Watkins  01453 822528


Selsley Gardening Club

Mrs Margaret Frederick  01453 823224


Selsley Cricket Club

Treasurer Jolyon Gardiner

Secretary Susan Edwards  01453 764745


Website William Douglas  01453 750558

All Saints Church Selsley in winter